Three Signs You Have Low Testosterone

June 10, 2019 by lugo57

Low testosterone is a big problem for many men. Changes in your hormone levels as you age are normal, but they can be troublesome. There are some treatments available that can boost testosterone so that you are more comfortable and have fewer health risks. Here are five signs that show you have low testosterone and should talk to your doctor.

Sexual Signs

Low testosterone can cause several symptoms of sexual dysfunction. You may have a low sex drive, meaning that you have less of a desire for sex. When you do have a desire for sex, you may find that you have difficulty with erectile dysfunction. You may also notice that you have lower semen production. Your testicle size may also decrease.

Visual Signs

There are some signs of low testosterone that you and your loved ones can actually physically see. Hair loss is one of the biggest signs of low testosterone. Many men lose their hair over time or have a hairline that recedes or changes with age. The hair loss you experience with low testosterone is a bit different. You may notice large amounts of hair being lost each time you use a comb or brush.

You will also notice that your body will start to look different. You will experience a loss of muscle mass if testosterone is low for too long. You will also notice some weight gain, and your BMI will increase.

Mental Health

There are several mental health signs that can also be indicators of low testosterone. Mood changes with low testosterone are common. Researchers have found that men with low testosterone are more irritable, lack focus, and are more prone to depression. You will also notice the onset of some cognitive issues such as poor memory.

If you have any of these or other signs of low testosterone, don’t suffer in silence. There are treatments that will allow you to live a more normal life. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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