3 Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

April 10, 2019 by lugo57

Erectile dysfunction can have many potential causes, and not all of them are difficult to treat. Often erectile dysfunction can be easily corrected through the treatment of other underlying medical conditions. It is important to see your doctor for erectile dysfunction to learn the cause and seek treatment. Here are the three most common causes of erectile dysfunction.

Poor Cardiac Health

Think of your penis as your check engine light. Often, when cardiac problems first arise, the first symptom that you notice is erectile dysfunction. It takes a tremendous amount of blood circulation to cause the penis to be erect. If there are problems with your cardiac health, not enough blood can be pumped to the area. Some of the health conditions that this could indicate include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity.


Many medications for common illnesses and medical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction. Instead of suffering through the effects, talk to your doctor about alternative medications. If you suspect that your erectile dysfunction is due to medications that you are taking, take a list of medications to your doctor and ask them to check each one for side effects. You can also often find out from your pharmacist if it is a natural side effect of any of your medications. Most medical conditions have multiple treatment options, so there is no reason to suffer in silence.


High blood sugar levels have a direct impact on vascular health. There are many veins in the penis, and these filling with blood is what makes it erect. When your blood sugar is high, your blood cannot circulate throughout your body as efficiently as normal. Erectile dysfunction can often be a warning sign of diabetes.

If you have erectile dysfunction, do not suffer in silence. It is important to discover the root cause and seek treatment if necessary. Contact us today for an appointment.


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